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8 Secret Tips For Plus Size Online Shoppers in Malaysia

8 Secret Tips For Plus Size Online Shoppers in Malaysia

Online shopping can be irresistible, especially during the shopping festival or holiday season in Malaysia. The discount alerts from different online stores fire up your phone to make sure you’re aware of their brand and the offer they provide. 

Now, you’re all excited and carried away, immersing yourself in the charm of online shopping fests. But, before you check your cart out, go through these tips for a safer and enjoyable big and tall shopping experience.

Tip 1: Understand The Differences In Size

Assuming that the plus size clothing in the market is following the same sizing chart is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. In fact, sizing measurement varies across different regions and sometimes different brands. 

Thus, find out and compare these differences to save yourself from these entirely avoidable headaches and disappointment. Not to mention, the return postages you’re required to pay if the item doesn’t conform.

Tip 2: You Can Say Yes To Straight Sizes 

Large size shoppers often rule out straight sizes, assuming that they won’t flatter your big and tall frame. But, nothing is absolute. Many brands describe and make their garments slightly larger than the standard, to cater to a bigger market - plus size.

Hence, explore any fashion store you wish to try your luck out. However, this process can be a lot easier if you’re shopping in stores specially dedicated to the plus size like ButikBOS Malaysia

Tip 3: Beware of Rock-Bottom Prices

Don’t give up quality for a cheaper price. You wouldn’t want to expand your wardrobe by adding in any ill-fitting pieces. Additionally, wouldn’t it be a waste of money getting clothing that only has a short shelf-life? 

Compare the prices and images of merchandise at different online stores before you make any decision. Be a smart shopper today and receive what is advertised. 

Tip 4: Online Reviews Could Be More Authentic Than The Description

Read online reviews for ex-buyers’ opinions on the clothing you have interest in. Focus on those reviews of buyers who have the same body types or fitting concerns as you to save yourself from a great deal of trouble later on. 

It’s common to see how the clothing is well-described by the seller but the reviews are mainly negative or not up-to-expectation. If this is the case, you’re recommended to move on to another store to continue your shopping journey. 

Tip 5: Try Something New

Every morning, you question yourself what to wear for the day. Leaving your wardrobe opens, it showcases items of the same style that you don’t realise you’re collecting. You have got too comfortable wearing the same types of clothing that make yourself look dull sometimes. 

Step out of your comfort zone and take a second look at sites you may have overlooked or ignored. If you never try, you’ll never know, dear! There could be an amazing surprise for you when you unbox them!

Tip 6: Keep A List Of Your Favourite Plus Size Clothing Brands

This one should be the simplest of all the tips to do. The list you have compiled will come in handy for your next online shopping. Not only it saves a lot of time, but it also guarantees the quality as you have tried their items before. 

Tip 7: Be Conscious Of Return Policies

Return policies should be one of your main concerns when shopping online. Without being able to try on, comprehending the return process will assist you in making your purchasing decision. Purchase only if you agree to the policy. 

Tip 8: Don’t Rush Your Decision

There is no shame in taking your time browsing and doing research before you make payment. Spend adequate time to consider thoroughly. You don’t need to fast forward any process just because of the promotion period. But, if you would like to enjoy the discounts, you may start spending some time earlier to check the items out beforehand. 


Online shopping generally comes with its own set of guidelines that you should follow.  This list of guidelines has become more essential when you’re a plus size who wants to bypass all the frauds, errors and disappointments while shopping online. Stop assuming and start exploring. Start from ButikBOS Malaysia. We promise quality and ultimate shopping experience. Specially crafted with you in mind, now’s the perfect moment to take advantage of our exclusive deals.