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Important Things To Do Before Buying Plus Size Pants Online

Important Things To Do Before Buying Plus Size Pants Online

“Shopping online is dangerous!"

“I need to touch it to know if I like the feel”

“What if it can’t fit my hips?”

We know your struggles in finding plus size pants of your fit in a physical store, not to mention the online one. You claim the need to try it on your physique to know if it suits you. You don’t even mind travelling far to the physical store just to avoid disappointment later when receiving online purchase that’s ill-fitting. No worries, we have put together this guide for your next online shopping.  

Measure Your Waist, Hips, Inseam and Calf

It is necessary to know your body measurements to get the perfect pair of big size trousers. In fact, the sizing inconsistency across brands is quite common. Ever been into a situation where you’re a UK14 but sometimes a UK16? Now, you’re confused about the size. So, to be safe, take the actual measurement in cm or inches and note them down for later reference. When measuring hips, be sure to measure the fullest of your hips for accurate measurement. That would be quite troublesome, right? Drop by ButikBOS store for your first purchase and get the following online. 

Learn To Read The Sizing Guide 

Bear in mind that there’s no universal sizing system. The most common sizing standard includes the European’s, American’s and Asian’s. Find the sizing guide when you shop online, usually located at the description box below the images. Never ever assume your size simply because that’s your usual go-to size. Different brands will most likely come with different cutting. 

To ease your concerns, you can find ButikBOS sizing chart for Men's & here for Women's ButikBos sizing chart and get your queries about the sizing solved. 


Find Out The Fabrics Of The Trousers

The fabrics can help in determining what size you should go for, sometimes a size bigger or smaller. The stretchability, comfortableness, breathability and reflectivity do matter. Cotton is the most recommended fabric for long-term wear because it’s comfortable and breathable. If you’re going for sports, microfibres will be good as it is a non-iron, lightweight and easy to dry fabric. Besides, leather leggings, if worn wrongly, will most likely to accentuate your tights. Explore the fabrics you find the most comfortable in ButikBOS

Read The Store’s Return Policy

Understanding the store’s return policy before checking out your cart is important. You’re encouraged not to proceed with making the payment if you there’s no such policy stated. This is for your own good. For instance, if you receive pants of the wrong order or the pants with a manufacturing defect, you will have the chance to return and exchange. Be sure to not remove the tags until you have checked the condition of the trousers. For more information, read ButikBOS’s return policy here. 

Subscribe To Your Favourite Online Plus Size Clothing Store

Have you subscribed to any online store yet? You have missed out so many benefits if you’re not. Many online stores tend to offer coupons or discount codes only to the customers on their email list. You’ll also be the first to get notified for their flash sales, new arrivals and latest shopping campaigns. Best of all, ButikBOS is running a customer Spend & Earn Rewards programme. Now you know the secret, wait no more and subscribe them to enjoy your privileges today! 


Hopefully, this little guide will make your online shopping experience more enjoyable and wild! The sky’s the limit. You’ll never know how great the product and service can be if you never try. Don’t get us wrong, choosing the right store is vital too. Find out how ButikBOS can satisfy your large size needs.