Fashion For Big Size Ladies | When To Tuck & Knot Your Shirts

Fashion For Big Size Ladies | When To Tuck & Knot Your Shirts

Love your big size shirts to be tucked in and knotted but sometimes it just makes you look all messed up? Doing it right styles your outfit but do you know which tuck or knot goes with the look you’re going for? Let’s explore when’s the right time to tuck and not tuck, shall we? 

The Full Tuck On Big Size Shirts Shows That You Care

Full tuck means tucking your shirt in tight to make it look as if it’s a bodysuit. This type of tuck is usually reserved for a more formal occasion. Tuck in a thin-based shirt and layer it with any outwear while wearing a pair of medium high-waisted pants will give you a smart streamlined look you desire. Leaving it untucked while attending a business meeting simply shows that you do not really care. That can be unrespectful to your superior or client.  

Besides medium high-rise pants, you may opt for a pencil skirt or a trendy paper bag waist pants. However, never ever do a full tuck with a low waist bottom. A side advantage of this type of tuck is that it allows you to showcase that fierce belt you just got. 

The Front Tuck On Large Size Shirts Helps You Appear Casual

Going out for a casual gathering with your friends or family? Do a front or a half-moon tuck would help you to appear friendlier and less formal. Tucking half and leaving the back part loosely hanging out effortlessly gives a chic appeal. 

Most importantly, this type of tuck is popular to shape your waist, creating a visually slimming illusion. Be sure to do front tuck only on a thin-based top as thicker material will create a pouch effect below your pants. However, remember not to make the tuck too tight as it will put your belly under a spotlight. What about the bottom? Simply pairing it with mid to high rise pants or a skirt will enhance the result. Jeans are often the usual go-to option for a casual look. 

Leave Your Tunic-length Big Size Shirts Untucked 

Large size blouse with a unique hem or a tunic length is not encouraged to tuck in. These types of tops are meant to be worn outside since they are specially designed with either lace or peplum. Not only tucking them in will gather up too much fabric under your pants, but its uniqueness will also be wasted. This is the time you match them with your low-rise pants because wearing low-rise pants alone will accentuate your hips. Tunic length or unique hem is just nice to draw the eyes up to the design instead of your plus size frame. Mouse over to view Miss You and Herway women’s collection. 

Tie A Knot On Your Long Tees Or Buttoned Top 

Knotting is another fun option you can go for. To prevent tucking in too much fabric into your pants, give your big size shirt a quick knot. By doing so, it would create a clean and flattering effect on you. It also moves your waistline higher. It shows more of your legs, making you appear taller thus slimmer. Choose a stretchy tee so that it’s easier to tie. 

Additionally, knotting is super casual whereby you can make the knots right at the front or at the side. Match your big size shirt with jeggings or jeans and a cardigan if you wish to do some layering. 


Have you got all these tips in your hand? It’s amazing how a small gesture of tucking in and knotting can change your look entirely. Tucks and knots are not meant for the plus size? Think again. Curvy ladies, look for your plus size clothings that are versatile to these little styling techniques in ButikBOS Malaysia. Check out what we have to offer!