Big and Tall Men’s Clothing | Ways to Dress Sharp with a Gut

Big and Tall Men’s Clothing | Ways to Dress Sharp with a Gut

The bright side about being plus size is that you are allowed to play around with your fashion sense. It doesn’t have to be anything that undermines your overall outlook. 

Big and tall men’s clothing is not hard to find. Anything that brings you out to the street just the way you prefer and pleasant, you are on the right track. 

Here are some ways men can dress sharp with a gut:

  • Big and Tall Men, try body fitting clothing!

Don’t worry when it comes to putting on a well-made body fitting that fits nicely on your big body size. Your chest and back could just shape up showing some lean muscles. You never know. Nowadays, clothing specially made for big and tall men is nothing like before. Every detail is taken into consideration when this type of tee fits onto you. So, take a chance, and try something bold.

  • Blend your clothing the way you prefer

Experimenting something different every day is what counts into building up your stylish sense. Long sleeves with a round neck collar in stripes easily blend into any types of pants. Dark brown, vintage dirty blue or stretchable jeans hijack big parts and make you feel taller. On some other days, sleeveless T-shirts with a zip-up light blue jumper along with a pair of sporty slacks exude a better outlook. There is nothing wrong to wear something that you feel completely comfortable in as long as they fit. 

  • Get more big T-shirts

Extra big T-shirts should just close up the gap you feel towards yourself. Some dark colours with longer sleeves and not showing your waistline clothing actually makes you comfortable. Knock on your ego door, and permit more bigger T-shirts, give yourself a peace of mind over the thoughts that they make you feel bigger. In fact, it simply means allowing your confidence to make the right choices! Check out what Extrema has to offer. 

  • Mix and match retro with present plus size clothing

Look around for retro-feel big size short sleeved shirt that you can put over a light colour T-shirt. Tug in and wear a pair of vintage dark blue jeans, along with a pair of sports shoes. Be kind and creative in mixing and matching your styles. V-neck long sleeves T-shirt and fold them above elbow can make a difference to your waistline too. A suitable dark blue cotton-made belt reduces the likelihood of thinking your waist is giving out loud message. On the bright side, it adds a bit of fun to your style. But, remember, choose the right colours for your skin tone and play around with it.

  • Look out for more button shirts

Men want to look at the best during the weekends outing, don’t you? Button short sleeved shirt enables more air flow and better still it shapes up most of your bulgy areas. Don’t be afraid in choosing different kinds of lines or patterns of these shirts. Be creative! Platinum has got your back. 


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