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7 Big & Tall Men’s Clothing Tips | Dress in Confidence

7 Big & Tall Men’s Clothing Tips | Dress in

Time is changing in this century, body size does not undermine one’s confidence any longer. There is a saying by world confidence coach, Keith Johnson, “A person without confidence is like a jumbo jet sitting on the runway with an empty fuel tank.” 

Consider yourself as The Big & Tall?

Take a look at these seven tips for the perfect big & tall men’s clothing right now!

  • Big & Tall Men, Get Rid of Tight Clothing!

Review your tight sleeves and chest frame tees. You don’t want to show too much of those bulgy sides of your arms and belly. Hide them in loose clothing that projects more of your body shape and size. It’s quite easy to conquer your low self esteem once you add in loose fitting attires that enhance your personality.

  • Revamp your wardrobe

Everything from head to toe brings the best match to amplify your style. Vertical stripes and mini-colored sequence pattern shape up your physique. Switch small accessories to something elegant and stylish to add some details to your mix and match. Step onto the street with a pair of comfortable brown or black sandals for leisure, simply boost your confidence when outing with friends.

  • Big? Think again!

The idea of “big” on you can be intimidating, especially when comes to socializing. However, on the contrary, the bigger they are, the less you worry about anyone thinking you’re camouflaging. Putting on loose T-shirts hide those fleshy parts away and exhibit your other side of you to live your lifestyle.

  • Reveal your strengths

Wear fresh and bright colors boost your identity at work. White, orange and dark blue or brown in sequencing patterns tops inch out your body shape at appropriate degree. Choose darker colors and wear light fabric to avoid those spots and unwanted smells. Try to avoid white transparent shirts unless you are comfortable with the colour reflection, which sometimes can expose those unwanted loose areas.

  • Choose the right pants

Pants too loose or baggy could make those fleshy parts more visible. Take them away and wear something that is tighter. But, not too tight that makes you feel uncomfortable. As long as it provides some room to breathe and enable you to walk everywhere with the right movement.

  • Play with streetwear

It can be quite tricky when comes to picking the right attire during leisure.  Part of learning the fashion is combining the mentality in shaping up the body with bright colors and allow your confidence to shine through those stylish streetwear. Pair it up with a pair of brown pants with a black belt. 

  • Outdo your fashion sense

Put on a sporty cap or wrist band to bring out your sporty outlook. This adds more details to your other self-sporty personality. Having said that, this little details can outgrow your confidence at anytime. 


Big & tall men’s clothing is no longer limited to oversized and baggy clothes. How about changing your wardrobe to walk and behave better in public? Style your outing look with BOS Boutique Malaysia!