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How to Style Women's Plus Size Business Suits

How to Style Women's Plus Size Business Suits

A woman in a business suit portrays a powerful image. It conveys feelings of authority and elegance, commanding respect from those around her. 

That’s why knowing how to choose the right elements for a power suit is important. The way you choose your plus size business suits isn’t that different from any other piece of clothing. In general, you should pay attention to the way it fits you and how comfortable you are in it.

Let’s explore the anatomy of plus size business suits for curvy ladies.

Plus Size Blazer 

The most important thing about choosing a plus size blazer is the fit. As a plus-sized woman, good blazer should be easily buttoned without gaps, especially around the bust. 

There are several different types of blazer styles and usually plus-sized women should choose one that doesn’t flare out like a tent. Instead, a straight cut or V-cut blazer is the best. 

Shoulder seams should end at your shoulders and not hang below them while the sleeves should end immediately after your wrist bone. Herway has a great example of a blazer which can be yours.

Big Size Top

Women’s plus size business suits are much more versatile than men’s suits. This is because the top you wear beneath the blazer doesn’t necessarily have to be a collared shirt. It can be a round neck blouse, a turtleneck or a V-neck top. 
Buttoned down shirts are the most tricky to choose. The most important area you have to pay attention to is around the bust. If you choose a shirt that’s too small, it will end up being ‘stretched’ and show gaps. The most ideal measurement would be around 2-5 cm larger than your bust size. 

If you wear a blouse under your blazer, it would be ideal to wear contrasting colours. If your blazer is dark coloured then a light coloured top is preferable and vice-versa.

Large Size Pants or Skirt

If you wear your suit with a skirt, choose a pencil or A-line skirt. Avoid pleated skirts as this tends to make you look bulkier than usual. Slacks are often the normal type of pants to wear a business suit. In formal business suits, your slacks/skirts and blazers should be made of the same colour and material.

The Accessories

Adding accessories to your business suit makes your outfit look more elegant and classy. You can wear necklaces, bangles, rings and earrings. 
The best necklaces to choose are the one that is long and falls just above your chest. The two hanging lines should fall straight and the bottom should curve up. This emphasizes the length of your neck and makes it look longer.
Rings and wrist bangles should be large and chunky, and should be large enough to be taken off comfortable and not pinch you in way.


Since the weather in Malaysia is warm, it’s a good idea to choose a suit fabric that’s made of cotton or cotton blend. These types of fabric are naturally cooling and will leave you more comfortable throughout the day. Not to forget your accessories as the finishing touch to any business suits you’re in. Browse through Butik BOS large size online clothing store today , to get your head-to-toe plus size business outfit picked at one stop.