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How To Wear and Style An Oversize Shirt?

How To Wear and Style An Oversize Shirt? 

If you’re following the fashion trend, you’ll see how oversize shirt has gained its popularity among today’s generation. It has become a wardrobe staple for both men and women, especially those looking for a hip hop or casual feel. 

What does oversize shirt really mean? Ever have the experience of your girlfriend stealing your shirts to make it an oversize on herself? Girls call it “boyfriend tee”. Wink wink

But, Does Oversize Shirt Equal Bigger Size Shirt? 

An oversize shirt generally means a top that loosely fits your body. People often go for this style when they desire comfortableness and cosiness. It will be a little roomier than usual, having little to no structure at the shoulder. On top of that, its soft fabrics effortlessly express a casual and laid-back tone.

“Does it mean that I can buy anything of a bigger size to make it an oversize on me?”

The answer is no. Oversize is not about the size of the clothing itself but the style, laying in the cut of the design. Putting on an upsize shirt simply makes you look baggy and slovenly. Oversize doesn’t work that way. So, shop for clothing of your true size to avoid the sloppy look. 

Styling Tips For An Oversize Shirt:

1. Loose Top, Slim Bottom

Give your outfit a good contrast by complementing your oversize shirt with a nicely fitted pair of pants. This creates a balance lookout in the sense of outfit matching. Styling your oversize top with an oversize bottom is a big no-no. Try slim-fit bottoms such as skinny jeans, leggings, chinos or slim-fit joggers as they make the perfect contrasting look. 

2. Colour and Print Matters

Bet you have been watching lots of drama, seeing how the stars dressing up oversize shirt smartly. You try to imitate but somehow still fail to achieve the same feel? Here’s the secret. Men are encouraged to go for white, black or checked shirts that are versatile to anything you throw on. Even for buttoned-up oversize shirts, leave some buttons undone looks great too.  

3. Tuck or Tie Your Oversized Shirt

Tuck or tie a thinner piece of the oversize shirt into shorts, pants or skirts emphasize a little shape to your outfit. Let a knot sit snugly on your belted pair of jeans, sporty track pants, elegantly tailored suits and a formal pencil skirt give your outfit a whole new feel. 

4. Let Your Oversize Tees Hang Loose 

There are two situations where you should leave your oversize tees untucked. First, if you’re having an oversize tee that is cool or loud; secondly, if you’re pairing it up with garish pants. This is so because people’s attention will usually be drawn to the design instead of your body frame. 

5. Layering Gives Complement To Your Oversize Style 

Layer your long skirts with a white oversized shirt. Besides, a bomber jacket or denim jacket makes for a cool pick. What’s more? Throwing on a long-sleeved fitted top underneath your oversize shirt will never let you down. 

6. Details Matter

By adding some accessories, it adds a little to your oversize style. Subtle accents such as necklace, choker, lace trim or belt simply give your look the finishing touch. However, you’re always warned to drop chunky materials because they only create bulkiness to your appearance.


Oversize shirts, if styled incorrectly, sizing up can create a sloppy look. Have you mastered these tips on how to wear an oversized shirt already? All the mentioned pieces can be found in ButikBOS Malaysia. Don’t miss your chance to be the first in styling your oversize shirts!