Why Plus-Sized Shoppers In Malaysia Prefer Physical Store Rather Than Online Shopping? 

Why Plus-Sized Shoppers In Malaysia Prefer Physical Store Rather Than Online Shopping? 

With the rise of eCommerce in this modern world, many businesses have portrayed their interest in developing an online store to reach a wider market. Plus size clothing business in Malaysia is no exception, especially when opening up a physical store requires a tidy sum of money. 

Besides the monetary advantage to the business owners, eCommerce also allows consumers to enjoy an easy and timesaving shopping experience. Shopping around the world simultaneously on your browser and waiting for your parcels to arrive at your doorstep just save you so much trouble. 

However, why most Malaysia plus-sized shoppers prefer shopping in a physical store rather than online

“One Size Fits All” Isn’t Applicable to Plus Size Frame

Have you been in the situation where you purchased a “free size” but found it unfit and unflattering on you later? How disappointing! Free size clothing is supposed to be size-inclusive, not body shaming. Well, it does fit a range of shapes and sizes, but some “free size” can be more petite than you think. To solve this, check out the measurement in the description box next time before purchasing your plus size apparels online

Inaccurate Measurement in the Sizing Chart

You read the description, measured your frame and checked the sizing chart, making sure you’ve picked the right size. Happily unboxing your parcel but discovered that the size you chose is smaller than the measurement in the chart. 46” becomes 40”? 4XL for 5XL? What do you do now? Sell it as a preloved for a cheaper price or give it to someone for free? Well, browse through the customers’ reviews to see what others think. Beware of those with lots of negative feedback or low star ratings to avoid jumping into a business pitfall.

Ridiculous Style and Material For Larger Size

You saw how the petite model aesthetically advertising the clothes of the store and immediately found out that your (plus) size is available. Later, when life gives you a rollercoaster ride, you receive your online purchase in style and material unlike the one advertised. Fitting and cutting are just off as if you’re wearing a tent, not to mention the poor quality material used. Ridiculous! Take this advice, curvy community. Do consider the price when the deal is too good to be true just as the saying, “You get what you pay for”. 

Colour Varied From The Advertisement

Let’s be honest, the colour variations do happen due to the many variations in monitors and browsers. Hence, the colours and shades you see online may differ greatly from what you get later. Yet, what triggered the shoppers’ nerves is how some businesses utilise the editing apps or software to make their clothes appear nicer and prettier in photos. Once received, it’s a whole different story. What about dropping by a physical store to see it yourself? Check out ButikBos Malaysia for plus size wear of quality dyes. 

“We’re Looking For Plus Size Wear, Not Maternity Clothes!”

Don’t get us wrong, maternity clothes do bring out the pregnancy beauty. But, there is a huge difference between a bigger size and being pregnant. Not every plus size dress has to be empire-waisted. Not every plus-sized lady has a plus-sized bust or apple bottom. Curvy ladies, no worries, we knows your struggles! We carry a deep range of styles for your daily needs. 


Be sure to shop at trusted or reliable online stores like ButikBOS Malaysia to prevent all these nightmares. Shop our wide selection available here and find the perfect item at the right price. Best of all, we have physical stores located in various areas for your convenience. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to find out what’s in store next!