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5 Tips To Look Attractive in Big and Tall Shirts

5 Tips To Look Attractive in Big and Tall Shirts 


When you finally find yourself buying the same shade and style of shirts over and over again, you decide to jump out from the box. To take a break from your default style, let’s look at these 5 clothing tips we have to share with you, the Big and Tall!

#Tip 1: White and Light Blue Are A Must-Have

Start with the two most versatile dress shirt colours for your big and tall figure. White and light blue can never go wrong because it works with just about anything you decide to throw on. Use these as the foundation to build upon and perhaps pair it with a straight-leg fitting bottom. If you’re attending a business conference, suit up with a slim fit blazer that contours your body, but avoid getting those that are pulling or looking tight.

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#Tip 2: Match Your Shirts With Your Skin Tone 

Not all clothing colours are flattering on every skin tone. Sometimes, your hair colour can play a big part as well. First, determine the colour contrast between your hair and your skin tone. For instance, Asian with fair skin and dark hair is said to have a high contrast look. This being man benefits from richer and darker colours, such as maroon, navy or black. 

 Whereas, men with a low contrast look, dark skin with dark hair, videlicet, are encouraged to opt for colours like blue, light grey and purple. Don’t associate yourself here? Check out what Antonio Centeno, the founder of RealMenRealStyle have to say. 


#Tip 3: The Wrong Prints Make You Wider

Intend to dip your toe in patterns and prints? Pick your shirts carefully because patterns and prints are closely tied with its formality and the illusion effect. Bear in mind that more prints mean less formal. Besides, they instantly draw the eye to where the prints are. Thus, reserve patterns like wide horizontal stripes, polka dots and vibrant colours floral for the body parts you’re happy to put on a show because they will accentuate your big and tall frame. Browse through Platinum collection to find the right prints. 

#Tip 4: Invest In A Quality Large Size Dress Shirt 

You wouldn’t want to get a dress shirt that will crease easily. Or, those which colours fade after washing several times. Check for the quality before you made your purchase. The colour, fabrics, texture, and cutting are the basic elements you should pay attention to. Last but not least, the quality of the buttons. Some clothes come with buttons that are fragile. Explore ButikBOS men’s collection for high-quality plus size clothing. 

#Tip 5: Opt For The Right Fit 

Pick shirts that are flattering to your large body type. Our garments emphasise your fit on the chest and shoulders, flattering your physique without being garish. The right fit dress shirt is a basic requirement for any fashion-forward big and tall man. Most of the times, plus size men face issues with tight sleeves and short shirt length. Good news for you that ButikBOS care and we offer a dedicated array of dress shirts that will complement your body type.


Gentlemen, take your look to another level by following these tips. It can be difficult hunting down attractive dress shirts for the big and tall. Thankfully, ButikBOS is here to save you from the hassle. Visit our one-stop plus size clothing store to explore your new style!