What do Malaysians think about our plus size clothing store

What do Malaysians think about our plus size clothing store?

Thanks to the overwhelming support from our beloved customers, ButikBOS Malaysia has proudly achieved another major milestone this year.

Being listed in The Malaysian Book of Records as the Largest Plus Size Clothing Distributor in the previous year, ButikBOS Malaysia has recently been nominated for Top E-commerce Merchant Awards 2019. This will not stop us here! We are all geared up to provide you with an enjoyable and extensive shopping experience than ever before.

Here’s what some of our customers say about our work that you must not miss out.

“They got my size!”

What’s more exciting than discovering that your new love is available in your size? We could imagine how blue your day is when your shopping day become a window shopping day.

In continuing the body positivity movement, we offer plus size clothing in European and American sizes, ranging from M to 6XL. We know plus size is not merely bigger size. Cutting and fitting are crucial to cater to plus-sized shoppers’ body frame. Regardless if you have a larger chest, bigger hips, or a bigger apple bottom, we carry the right cutting for each unique body shape.

Great Taste in Plus Size Fashion

Thinking that it’s impossible to build a stylish Plus size wardrobe? Check out ButikBOS Malaysia for a deep range of plus size clothing for both men and women. Plenty of plus-sized daily wear, business attire and innerwear options are available here. We’re even thrilled to see how you associate our style with “classy” and “decent”.

Don’t be afraid to break the plus size fashion stereotypes. Who says curvy girls can’t wear bright colours, put on shorts or be athletic? Try on our pick of plus size activewear and you’ll definitely love how it fits you perfectly.

High Comfort and Quality

You’re what you wear. A good quality large size outfit simply makes someone more confident because it represents your identity and personality. A classic and high-quality business attire makes you look smart and powerful. Well-crafted daily wears can make your day feeling lighter and brighter. Comfortable sportswear encourages you to work harder in your exercise while making your workout routine feels great.

Additionally, a good quality piece is often more durable. Higher quality fabric dyes and colours make your clothing last longer. Its colour remains sharp even after multiple washes. Not to forget, a blue-ribbon fabric that is beautifully detailed will less likely rip. So, don’t ever sacrifice quality for cheaper price, dear!

Fair and Reasonable Pricing

Another concern with big size clothing is the price. Due to the lower supply of plus size apparels in the market, the manufacturing price shoots up high, making it less affordable for some families.

However, in ButikBOS, you could shop from head-to-toe without breaking your bank. In fact, there’s not much price difference between a plus size t-shirt here and a straight size t-shirt sold at the mall. What are you waiting for? Inspect it yourself from all angles and decide if it is worth the price.

“Very Helpful & Attentive Staff”

Having friendly and helpful staff has always been the reason why people keep coming back to our store. Imagine entering a store without feeling welcomed and getting ignored or treated rudely by the staff. That would be a horrible experience, right?

To ensure an enjoyable customer shopping experience, ButikBOS Malaysia has all our staff trained to provide you with the best customer service possible. Do you know that our staff are labelled as “attentive”, “polite”, “courteous” and “knowledgeable”?

Convenience Matters

As a one-stop plus size clothing store, our ButikBOS customers happily claim that they no longer need to travel from one shop to another, searching for suitable outfits. No more time-wasting, mate!

To benefit plus-sized shoppers who are staying in different areas, ButikBOS has expanded its business to various locations. Not only that, but ButikBOS has also set up an e-store online too. In just a few clicks, you will get your plus size apparels delivered right to your doorstep!


We’re glad to announce that our brand has even expanded abroad to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and Thailand. As a tribute to everyone who has been supporting us throughout, ButikBOS is introducing a member Spend & Earn Rewards programme. Find out how many points you can earn when you shop at ButikBOS e-store! Make the most out of your shopping experience in ButikBOS Malaysia today!